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Brian Small

Steve is a professional that's passionate about his work. He's dedicated to his craft, doesn't take any shortcuts, and is responsive to questions. The format of his report was thorough and extremely easy to read. I would highly recommend. - 10/06/2020

Austin Smith

Thanks Steve! I appreciate you doing the inspection, and being so thorough. You’ve definitely made this whole process a little less stressful, and I can’t thank you enough! - 4/16/2020

Steve/kathy D.

Very professional and did a thorough job. - 12/13/2019

Adelene Kemp

Steve is professional, kind, and has a sense of humor. He ventured on the roof, looked up in the attic, went into the basement, and all the other rooms snapping pictures and making notes. His report is thorough and easy to understand. All-in-all he was there most of the afternoon checking everything out. We are not very "handy," and Steve was patient to answer all of our questions. I even called him today (almost a month after the inspection), and he answered some more questions and offered to help in whatever way he could. Would definitely recommend. - 10/06/2020

Marvin M.

Perfectly knowledgeable and to the point. Fairly priced also. - 5/12/2020

Andreana M.

Being a First-time home buyer I wasn’t expecting a Home Inspector to be so welcoming as Steve but he was very welcoming, thorough and just overall outstanding. He walked me through the home I’m looking to purchase and showed me everything that he knew needed to be corrected. I‘ve recommended him to my current Realtor and I will definitely recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a home or commercial properties that need an inspection. Steve is/was AWESOME!! - 4/21/2020

Stephen walker@stphnwlkr

Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash