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Kathy Duggins

Mr. Hicks was very professional and through! I would recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection. - 5/12/2020

Shanie Little

Steve did a great job with my home inspection. He's a good guy, and I will definitely recommend him to anyone else needing an inspection! - 5/12/2020

Dr. Walker

Steve is very knowledgeable and professional with his services. It doesn’t matter how big the home or how long it takes him to do it, he makes sure that the job gets done. If you are selling your home, buying a new one, or just curious about your existing home he is absolutely someone to know. - 5/12/2020

Rajesh S.

- 12/23/2019

Mark V.

Steve was extremely thorough and professional. He took his time and made sure we understood the process. The final inspection report was prepared and sent to me the next day. The detail in the report is unbelievably specific and is what we are using to prepare our new home for our move in. If you want piece of mind regarding your home purchase, you need to use Lodestar. - 4/21/2020

Austin Smith

Thanks Steve! I appreciate you doing the inspection, and being so thorough. You’ve definitely made this whole process a little less stressful, and I can’t thank you enough! - 4/16/2020

Stephen walker@stphnwlkr

Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash