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Becky Malugin

Steve is very fast and efficient. We contacted him on Friday morning to schedule a home inspection for an upcoming home purchase. He completed the inspection on Monday morning. The reports provided are thorough and very easy easy to read. I would highly recommend his services to anyone! - 10/07/2020

Mark von Roden

Lodestar home inspector Mr. Hick was extremely thorough in his inspection of the home we are in the process of purchasing. His final report is extremely detailed and designed to give his customer the information they need in order to proceed. He went shingle by shingle, brick by brick and switch by switch. Very professional and takes time to explain what he's finding and some possible causes. His ability to speak with knowledge and confidence gave me a level of comfort I wasn't expecting. If you are looking for a true professional Mr. Hicks is the person you need to contact. - 5/12/2020

Brian Small

Steve is a professional that's passionate about his work. He's dedicated to his craft, doesn't take any shortcuts, and is responsive to questions. The format of his report was thorough and extremely easy to read. I would highly recommend. - 10/06/2020

Wally White

95 degrees, hot metal roof, large but tight crawlspace.... not the best working conditions, but this did not stop Steve from spending over 4 non-stop hours doing the VERY thorough Inspection we needed to ensure the overall condition of all the various aspects of this house. We feel very comfortable with the final product. Steve is very professional, helpful and informative. If needed, we will not hesitate to use his company again. - 10/07/2020

Marvin M.

Perfectly knowledgeable and to the point. Fairly priced also. - 5/12/2020

Andreana M.

Being a First-time home buyer I wasn’t expecting a Home Inspector to be so welcoming as Steve but he was very welcoming, thorough and just overall outstanding. He walked me through the home I’m looking to purchase and showed me everything that he knew needed to be corrected. I‘ve recommended him to my current Realtor and I will definitely recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a home or commercial properties that need an inspection. Steve is/was AWESOME!! - 4/21/2020

Stephen walker@stphnwlkr

Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash